get lost with me



This Season


"Get Lost With Me in Joshua Tree", the highly anticipated summer 2017 collection from our brand Dimepiece LA, explores the concept of 'digital detox' and the need to break free from the constraints of connectivity by unplugging. More specifically and in typical Dimepiece fashion, the collection promotes unplugging ourselves as women from the self-made competition we create with 'all the other pretty girls' on social media; and in turn focuses on increasing a modern spiritual bond with other like-minded women. The summer edition boasts a strong representation of the balance between today's high-tech society and the intuition of your third eye;  a reminder to forget your passwords and logins, and remember you. 

Inspired by off the grid weekend getaways to Joshua Tree, the collection pays homage to the tranquil desert town and former hippy hotspot.  Summer essentials like bodysuits, caps, and visors, come in desert shades of burgundy, tan, and orange, and are adorned with logos and phrases (or affirmations in this case) like “Trust Your Third Eye”, “Goddess Level”, “Forget the Past, Fuck With the Future” written in psychedelic typeface.  


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